The Ordinary - Anti Aging Shopping Guide
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The Ordinary: Anti-Aging Regimen Guide

I bought my first “The Ordinary” products earlier this month and can’t help but notice how difficult it was to decipher which products were right for me. Aside from feeling like I needed a degree in Chemistry to pronounce the names, the products weren’t categorized into what I’m typically used to seeing – the traditional Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize model. I was quite overwhelmed and confused when browsing The Ordinary’s website, so I thought I’d go ahead and learn more about this brand and do some videos to help explain how to pick to pick the right Ordinary products for your skin type and needs.

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Favorite Korean Skincare Products

Five Favorites: Korean Skincare Products

I’ve been trying a lot of Korean skincare products lately, part of gathering more content for this blog as well as finding inspiration for my newest hobby and addition to this blog – building Beauty Lately’s YouTube channel! As a marketer by day, I see how fast e-commerce and digital marketing is shaping how consumers shop and interact with brands. Long gone are the days of brands speaking to consumers via ads.

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Review: White Formula UV Protective Gel with Hyaluronic Acid SPF 50

Something that I love to do during trips to Asia is to shop for local brands that  I can’t get easily here in the States. With the surge in popularity of Korean skincare, there have been numerous online outlets starting to cater to demand for Korean skincare and beauty products. A niche that I find more difficult to find is Taiwanese skincare, which I find to be quite good in terms of both performance and value!

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