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If you’ve played around with Sephora’s mobile app lately, you’ll find that there’s a cool feature called the Virtual Artist under the “Inspire Me” category in the Menu. It’s a pretty genius feature to let you “try on” lip colors before you step foot in store to buy. But how true is the color reflected in the app?

I had to find out. The colors are broken down into families – Brick, Red, Coral, Pink, Fuchsia, Berry, Purple, Brown, Nude, Unconventional. I don’t usually dabble with dark colors so I tried the app with a few recent purchases of spring lip colors!

Provided great entertainment scrolling through the never ending array of colors!


The first color I tried the app on was my favorite red lipstick – NARS Audacious Lipstick in “Lana.” So far so good. The real color was brighter, but app color gave a pretty good indicator of what it might look like on me.

Sephora Virtual Artist (Reds) : NARS Lana Comparison


I think the app works best with saturated, brighter colors. Comparing the Burberry Coral Pink No. 65 in the app vs real application I found the comparison to be impressively close.

Sephora Virtual Artist (Coral) : Burberry Kisses Comparison


Pinks range from pale pink to brighter pink. The app’s accuracy for pale pinks was problematic, but better when it came to brighter pinks.

Here’s a comparison of three pinks: Marc Jacobs “Have We Met?” – a shimmering, warm pink, Marc Jacobs “Strange Magic” – a warm nude pink, and Dolce & Gabbana Bonbon – a pale pink.

You can see that the app is most accurate at depicting “Have We Met?” – the warm shimmering pink, and came up short as the color was not as true for the nude and paler pinks.

Sephora Virtual Artist (Pinks) : Marc Jacobs "How We Met?" | Marc Jacobs Strange Magic | Dolce & Gabbana Bonbon

Overall it’s a super fun app to play around with and at least start to narrow your search down when looking for that perfect shade. If anything, it leads to fun discoveries about what color families work well and what don’t. I used to think pale pinks, nudes, and peaches work best for me, but after playing around, I found that it washed me out and made my lips look way too pale. It gave me the confidence to go for brighter pinks, corals, and orange – which I would not have considered prior to playing more with the app. If nothing else, it provided great entertainment scrolling through the never ending array of colors! Check it out here or on Sephora’s mobile app.

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