Something that I love to do during trips to Asia is to shop for local brands that  I can’t get easily here in the States. With the surge in popularity of Korean skincare, there have been numerous online outlets starting to cater to demand for Korean skincare and beauty products. A niche that I find more difficult to find is Taiwanese skincare, which I find to be quite good in terms of both performance and value!

My favorite sunscreen is made by a local Taiwanese brand – I personally think a very underrated one. In Chinese the brand is 自白肌 but it was difficult even finding their brand name in English as it caters to local consumers – after some digging, I finally found out that it’s called “White Formula” in English. Because Taiwanese consumers are drawn to everything Japanese (food, culture, and of course, beauty and skincare products), you will find that often times, there is Japanese on the package, even if it’s made by a Taiwanese brand. I guess this is to give the illusion or perception that it’s Japanese, or make it seem more high-end? Not sure – I just know that I make sure to pick up 3-4 of these sunscreens when I’m in Taiwan, because stocking up on sunscreen is just what I do, you know? 😉

Anyway, on to the actual product itself – here are the specs:

  • Package/Weight: 50 grams tube
  • Formula Type: Gel-Lotion
  • SPF 50
  • PA+++
  • Price: NT$ 380
  • Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid
  • Use: Sunscreen



Although marketed as a gel formula, I find the it to be more of a gel-lotion, since it comes out opaque and white – I generally associate gels with being clear or jelly-like.

What I like most about the product is:

  1. Doesn’t leave white residue – at all. You can seen from the pictures below, the third picture has the product completely absorbed with no white sheen that many high-SPF products tend to leave behind.
  2. No greasy feel at all. Since this is a gel formula, there’s no greasy or oily feel that I associate with heavy sunscreens.
  3. Moisturization ability – This is a great base to use for makeup because it leaves skin so hydrated and makeup tends to adhere to skin better.

It’s important to keep in mind that Taiwan is quite humid and hot during summer months, so this product is meant to be a light, high SPF sunscreen that is light to the touch and delivers great moisture. Basically checks all the boxes that I look for in a sunscreen in a very affordable price (NT$ 380 translates to roughly $12 USD).

White Formula- UV Protective Gel


If you are looking for a great sunscreen at a fair price point, White Formula won’t disappoint. It’s made by Uni-President, same company that makes the popular sheet mask brand “My Beauty Diary.”

The brand is known for good products at a fair, accessible price point, and is mainly sold at Cosmetic/Pharmacy shops like Cosmed or Watson’s in Taiwan.

I encourage you to take a look at the brand next time when traveling in Taipei, along with other Taiwanese skincare brands that may not be as well known, but are highly efficacious as they cater to the demand of the local Taiwanese consumer, who expect quite a lot from their skincare products.



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