I have a love/hate relationship with lipsticks. Love them because they add fun pop of color to any makeup look, but generally hate the feeling of wearing lipstick. Hate lip gloss even more (but love the way they look).

I’ve noticed that generally speaking, people in NYC wear and experiment with lipstick a lot more than people out in California. Here in LA, it’s all about fun, effortless, don’t take yourself too seriously kind of makeup. I hardly ever see people rocking a bold red lips, most of the time just a dab of Aquaphor or tinted lip balm.

I’ve fallen into this camp now that I’ve moved back to California for a few years now, but recently started looking for an easy to wear lip color that defies what I usually associate with lipsticks. Moisturizing lipsticks generally rub off easily, matte lip colors sometimes dry out my lips.

That’s when I chanced upon Armani’s Lip Magnet on a fellow blogger’s post – it’s a sheer, liquid lipstick that acts more like a stain, doesn’t rub off, and stays on quite well. It’s still a little dry, which is why I dab on Aquaphor beforehand, but I’ve been loving how easy it is to wear.

There’s a wide range of color, from deep berries to natural, bright pops of color. I chose 503 – Glow, which is a reddish peach color not too different from my natural lip color. After reading other blogs, I’ve found that 500-504 range of pinks and nudes have been selling out instantly in Asia. Specifically, 500 Maharaja (hot fuscia) 501 Eccentrico (a bright, florescent pink) have been popular in South Korea, and 502 Mania (baby pink) and 503 Glow (reddish peach) being more popular in Japan and Taiwan.

In terms of staying power, I find that the lip stain can power through the morning without any problems, even after breakfast and smoothies. At lunchtime, however, is when you’ll need to re-apply, since it won’t last through wiping after the meal, unless you are wearing a brighter, more saturated shade.

At $38, the Lip Magnet is on the steep side and I pondered for a while if I should keep it. The price tag deterred me from getting a couple more shades to play around with, but could be worth the investment if you find a shade you love and wear it often.


Quick Tip: 

When wearing matte lipsticks, it’s especially important to exfoliate lips thoroughly first to get rid of dead skin so that your lips are smooth for the application.