It’s not a secret among friends that I’m completely obsessed with my dog Cooper. Just to tick off a few ways Cooper has it good: we’ve started to feed him homemade organic meals (ground chicken/turkey/beef with vegetables), he sleeps throughout the day next to Ka (who works from home), and we basically take him with us everywhere.

Like, I’m not even exaggerating one bit.

Ever since we got Cooper, he’s had really bad separation anxiety and can’t handle being home by himself. We got a baby monitor to watch him the first few times we left him at home alone, and he basically won’t stop howling, pacing, barking, whining, and trying to destroy whatever crate we put him in that day.

So what’s desperate pup-parents to do when the pup can’t stay home alone?

Tote him with us wherever we go, duh.

That’s when we started looking for backpacks that could easily transport Cooper around – since he’s small enough, we now take him pretty much everywhere we go – including grocery shopping and eating out.

Disclaimer: We live in LA, where there is usually outdoor seating that allows dogs at restaurants. Not all establishments/businesses are pet friendly, so be sure to check if you aren’t sure.

Here are the two bags that we use on a regular basis that are both available on Amazon: (1)

The first one I wanted to feature is the bag that we use the most – it’s the Expawlorer Multiple Deluxe Dog Carrier Mesh Travel Backpack and it’s available at Amazon for $47. This backpack is, by far, the single most useful thing I’ve purchased for Cooper. It’s allowed me to go practically anywhere with him because it’s so discreet – half the time people don’t even realize I have him with me. He’s gotten very used to being in the bag, and hops in excited without any issues because he associates the backpack with going out.

The bag measures 11.5″ x 17.5″ x 18″ and seller indicates it will hold dogs up to 20 pounds.

For reference, Cooper is 21 inches long, 9 inches tall, and weighs about 9 pounds. I don’t think I would recommend a dog much larger than 15 pounds for this bag because it will get a little tight.

Feature wise, it has two important benefits that I really like:

  • The ability to expand out and create more space for Cooper if needed. This comes in useful when we are sitting outside eating and want him to be contained so he’s not sniffing around and exploring. He usually just naps while we eat.


  • Side pockets that’s big enough to hold his collapsible dish, poop bags, leash, and whatever else you need. There’s a mesh pocket so you can keep phone or keys within easy access.


The second bag we use often for Cooper is the Yamay Dog Carrier Backpack, also available on Amazon for $24.


This bag is better suited for when we take him hiking, bike riding, or even shopping in an outdoor area (shopping malls, farmer’s markets, street fairs) when we don’t need him to be contained. The bag allows for him to see more and be forewarned, you will get a LOT of attention when carrying your pup in this bag. Strangers stop me all the time to ask where I got the bag, what kind of dog Cooper is, etc. If you or your dog does not want or like attention, this is not the bag for you – you’re better off with a discreet bag like the Expawlorer option above.

This bag is available in two sizes – Small and Medium, and a variety of color options.

Small bag is suitable for dogs up to 5 pounds and measures 14.2”x12.6”x5”.

The Medium is what Cooper has and is suitable for dogs less than 9 pounds (although we’ve put a 10-pound Yorkie in it) and measures 16.5”x15”x6.3”.

For larger dogs, this bag is not ideal is the dimensions will probably not be big enough to accommodate.

So there they are – two bags for transporting your pup for various occasions, whether it be discreetly, or for more active purposes.