Interview Series: Meet Igor

Igor Credali

It isn’t everyday that you get to work on a brand that is trying to break into a brand new market. Personally, as a marketer, launching new products and going into new territory is one of my favorite parts of my job. I’d like to introduce you today to Igor Credali, whom I met while living in New York through friends. Igor works for Kiko Milano, an Italian brand specializing in affordable high-performance cosmetics and skincare.

Kiko Milano

Igor is in charge of Digital Marketing at Kiko Milano, and we are excited to hear more about his experience!

Hi Igor, welcome to Beauty Lately! Tell us more about yourself and what you do.

Igor: Ciao Peggy and thank you so much for this incredible opportunity! I loved your idea to connect people in the industry with the brand they work for. A little bit about myself: I like to describe myself as a retailer with a passion for anything digital. I spent the vast majority of my career working for large European corporations here in New York working in the fashion/accessories business.

For the past 4 years I have been lucky enough to change industries and get into beauty. Currently I am responsible for the US Digital Business for Kiko Milano Cosmetics. We opened our digital store in August and that’s when I started working here. Prior to joining Kiko Milano, I worked with incredibly talented people at L’Oreal and they all served as an example to follow and also to gain inspiration from.

We understand that Kiko is just beginning to gain stride here in the U.S. market. Tell us more about your brand.

Igor: Although Kiko Milano has very strong brand recognition in Europe, we are a relatively young and unknown brand here in the U.S. Our brand has amazing potential in that we offer high quality color cosmetics at a price point you won’t believe. A trip to a Kiko Milano Store is all about having fun, exploring new looks, daring to try new colors without breaking the bank and still having the confidence of knowing that you are using high quality products. I think that’s the most important part of our experience as our products are made in Europe or the US from leading manufacturers. We understand that consumers should be very careful before applying cosmetics on their faces, so quality is key.

Kiko Stores

We have one of the largest selection of color cosmetics you can find in the market: some of our products come in more than 50 different color variations. I think that’s amazing! Not only that but every quarter we launch a limited edition collection: in other words we always have something new for our customers to try.

It sounds like an amazing brand—what products would you recommend someone new to Kiko to try?

Igor: Personally I use our Purifying Scrub and Skin Trainer. I love them and they essential part of my daily skincare routine.  That being said, Kiko’s Skincare line is going through a re-launch and will be available later this month. It has launched in the EU already, with completely re-vamped packaging and a brand new communication approach with the Begin with Skin campaign.

Color-wise I would recommend to try our Water Eyeshadow or our blush and lipsticks from the Ross Lovegrove collection. The lipstick is a work of art. Who knew you could find so much innovation in a lipstick! Try it and leave us a review— we would love your feedback.

The new collection looks amazing—tell us more about it.

Igor: Designer Ross Lovegrove created the packaging for the collection and you can see his inspiration for the collection in this interview.  The limited edition collection includes makeup, fragrance, and beauty tools such as brushes and pouches.  The best-selling items in this collection include the baked bronzer and the highlighter. The colors are perfect for summer, and it’s as beautiful to look at as it is beautiful to use.


Kiko Products

Tell us more about Digital and the role it plays for Beauty, and specifically Kiko.

Igor: We are focusing first and foremost on customer experience, and our goal is to provide everyone with the best experience. In order to do so, Kiko is trying exciting new things here in the U.S. I want to point out that this is the very first time we are allowing anything like this. Things are still in the works so it’s confidential but we can definitely look forward to some new exciting things soon!

Many companies try to go into new markets and experience difficulties and growing pains. How has Kiko been able to overcome some of these challenges?

Igor: At the beginning we had a very centralized view of how to do business. As we learn more about becoming a global company, we want to connect with the U.S. consumer in a way that feels more organic and natural.

For example, our Facebook and Twitter accounts are now localized so it’s easier for consumers to interact with the brand. We also recently launched our official SnapChat account. We have also partnered with a company from California to power our incredible post-purchase experience that otherwise would not have been available to our customers.

How do you see technology playing a part in the future of the beauty industry?

Igor: Well, we are seeing a huge demand for content and technology both online and in brick and mortar stores. It’s crucial to be in both and bridge the gap because that is where our industry is going. If you want to buy a Kiko Milano product you can do it in our stores or on our website. No matter where you experience Kiko Milano, we want to give our customers the very best.

What role do you see bloggers play in the beauty industry?

Igor: I personally love bloggers. I would like to connect and talk to every single one of them out there. They play a huge role in our industry and they can provide a lot of good feedback. I know some of them that organically became Ambassadors for our brand just by trying our products and sharing their experience to their followers. This fuels sustainable, organic growth and comes from an authentic place. If you are interested in Kiko Milano, send us a DM on Twitter and I will make sure we get back to you.

This is all so exciting—where do you see Kiko Milano going in the future?

Igor: I can tell you that our CEO wants every woman in the U.S. to own a Kiko Milano product: it is a bold vision and it is what drives everything I am doing. As far as I can tell, we are definitely on the right path.

Thank you so much Igor, we’ve learned so much about Kiko Milano and can’t wait to see what other great things you will be doing here in the U.S.!

Igor: Thank you so much Peggy I hope this interview has sparked enough curiosity with our brand and we hope to have you as a loyal customer. I am always available for feedback. Ciao.

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