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Diana DeBlasio

What I love is that it’s not a job. Beauty is my passion, my inspiration, my creative outlet and my purpose.


I am so psyched about today’s Behind Beauty post. If there was one person’s product closet I’d want to raid, it’s Diana’s. Diana is one of those people who always looks perfect— the kind of beautiful girl you see walking down the streets in New York City wondering what her secret is to looking so good – and flawless skin to boot. Diana is a Product Designer, meaning she basically has the coolest job in the world— inventing new beauty products. Can you imagine? Your job is to come out with the next big skincare or color innovation that will be sold to millions of women around the world. You have the power to affect what it looks, smells, and feels like. Read on below to learn more about her job, skincare routine, secrets on drinking more water, and how to jump start a career in Product Design!

So Diana, who are you and what do you do?!

Diana: My name is Diana DeBlasio, and I work in new product development for Avon Products. In a nutshell, a classic Product Design or Product Development role is one that is responsible for coming up with new and innovative products and concepts that appeal to a defined consumer and ladder up to the brand and product innovation strategies that you’ve helped establish together with your marketing team.

To bring each product to life, a Product Designer will then work with a team of highly skilled scientists and chemists at your resident Research & Development lab to define and develop the tangible product experience which includes the form, aesthetics, color, fragrance, package, usage, performance expectations and claims.

Can you describe at typical day as a skincare Product Designer?

Diana: A typical day can vary but can consist of many meetings and presentations with trips between your headquarters and the ‘lab’ to help keep your projects on track. Other days you might be attending consumer focus groups, delivering trend presentations or even traveling across the ocean to approve a batch of cream.

Your best days might include a full afternoon of competitive shopping in SoHo followed an brainstorming session inspired by the day’s finds.

Working in Product Design, you must notice a lot of trends. What are some interesting ones you’ve noticed lately?

Diana: Well I think heavy, obvious contouring and ‘architectural’ drawn in brows have had their day in the sun…Thankfully the pendulum is starting to swing in the opposite direction for the spring so we should start to see a resurgence of fresh, dewy skin and makeup with more naturally defined facial features.

In a nutshell, a classic Product Design or Product Development role is one that is responsible for coming up with new and innovative products and concepts that appeal to a defined consumer…

What do you love most about your job?

Diana: What I love is that it’s not a job. Beauty is my passion, my inspiration, my creative outlet and my purpose. One of my main goals in life is to help everyone feel their most beautiful and I do that by designing accessible products at all price points. I strongly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel beautiful whether you have a few dollars to spend or a few hundred.

Aside from my day to day, beauty is also my hobby. When I’m not dreaming up the next new brand or product, I spend a lot of my free time experiencing beauty through the eyes of my favorite YouTubers like Wengie, Huda, and Grav3yardgirl to name a few. What I love about YouTube is that you’re able to intimately experience so many different articulations of beauty that have been shaped by different cultures or societal trends around the world.

What is the best skincare advice you have?

Diana: Always, always wear SPF, every single day. The sun is one of the biggest contributing factors to premature aging and skin cancer so please protect your skin! You’d be surprised how many women I’ve spoken to believe that sunscreen is just for the beach or summer season! There are moisturizers with SPF for every skin type, tone and skin issue so there is no excuse not to protect yourself!

Also, it is really important to stay hydrated by drinking enough water. I say that and I have to admit that I have a strong dislike for water…very strong dislike. A helpful tip that gets me drinking my 8 (or so) a day is that I flavor my water by infusing it with a caffeine free Tisane, Herbal Tea or, I make some flavored ice cubes with fresh lemon juice, mint or a fruit that’s hanging around. Much jazzier and palatable than plain old H2O in my opinion.

What is always in your beauty bag?

Diana: So recently I’ve edited my bag down to the essentials which consists of two lip glosses in neutral toned shades, one lip liner, two lipstick shades (depending on the season), a black liquid eyeliner pen, a nice hydrating gel mist to combat dry office air, makeup remover swabs, a fragrance roller ball, mouthwash, some hair elastics (that always go missing), concealer, a mascara, some Stash Tea, oh, and a mini tube of Aquaphor.

What’s your skincare routine like?

Diana: I follow a multi-step skincare routine that usually varies quite a bit since I’m constantly trying new products and/or formula submissions for the projects that I’m working on.

On a typical morning I wash my face with a foaming cleanser in tandem with my Clarsonic to exfoliate and remove any residual from my nighttime treatments. This is followed by treatment essence, then an SPF 50 moisturizer to which I’ll mix in some illuminating drops to instantly wake my skin up and create a nice base for my foundation and powder routine that follows.

On a typical evening I use a non-foaming cream cleanser or cleansing oil (my favorite!) to remove my face and eye makeup. Next I apply treatment essence followed by a retinol product. As my final step, I’ll seal in all the goodness with a rich,nourishing nighttime moisturizer or sleep mask.

Also about 2 times a week I’ll throw on a sheet mask for about 20 minutes while I have a nice glass of red wine (for the antioxidants of course).

Do you have any advice for people who are interested in working in Product Design/Development?

Diana: If you are interested in a career in beauty I would suggest looking into the Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing program at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. They offer a professional and undergraduate program that will help develop the foundational tools and network needed to thrive in our dynamic and competitive industry. Many of the industries best and brightest are alumni. I would also suggest joining industry organizations like Cosmetic Executive Women ( to meet up with like minded individuals and learn more about the inner workings of the industry. Specifically pertaining to my role, much of Product Design or Development is really something you learn through years of hands on experience; learning to evaluate formula aesthetics and fragrances, understanding the nuances of the consumers around the world, the competitive environment. These important facets will shape your career and will guide the vision you put forth for the brands and products you create in the future.

Thanks Diana for giving Beauty Lately an inside scoop to Beauty Product Development. Are you interested in creating new beauty products? Do you have an idea for future innovations? Pop over to our Facebook page and join the discussion!

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